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BRC Valley Scene Magazine Article

If you are looking for stylish, one-of-a-kind apparel, then Band Runnaz Clothing is a perfect fit. Band Runnaz Clothing was founded in Montgomery, AL in 2014 and has been a celebrated clothing brand in Los Angeles, CA since 2016. They offer an exclusive collection and unparalleled quality pieces.

D'Monte Washington is the CEO and Head Designer for Band Runnaz Clothing. As he grew up, he was always getting positive feedback on his personal style. This led him to create his own designs in his hometown and eventually make his way to California where he attended The Art Institute of Hollywood and then The Art Institute of San Francisco. "At school, learned how to make clothes and the technical details of making garments for my brand," says D'Monte. "I wore my own styles and clothing, and people wanted to buy them."

He was making t-shirts, joggers, and hoodies, and sometimes his fellow students would model for him. As well oftentimes they would purchase his clothes. There were even Los Angeles stores such as Flasher on Melrose that decided to carry his garments.

Hip Hop was and still is a passion for D'Monte. Before his foray into fashion, he was a rap artist and created a song called “Dope Runnaz.” So when D'Monte decided to branch out and name his clothing brand he took the moniker from his song and switched out Dope to Band. He felt that Band was a more universal name.

But the term dope is still reflective of his style. "If I had to describe my style in one word I would say dope," he says. "It's rare, something you've never seen before." He often wears clothing he's made from scratch from his brand.

D'Monte is most influenced by his lifestyle within Los Angeles. Nature is also a huge inspiration for him. "Creatively I am always thinking," he says. "If I see the beach or a palm tree, I will make a similar outfit. I just let my fashion speak for me."

D'Monte feels his clothing appeals to stylish young adults. His line also speaks to people who like custom pieces because one of his specialties is one on one clothing. In addition, he designs merchandise for businesses, artists, and other creatives. Some of these include celebrities such as Jay Leno, Amina Buddafly from Love & Hip Hop, Egypt as well as her boyfriend Sam both from Growing Up Hip Hop, record label DTR, as well as well known rappers Money Man, Eldorado Red also Hawaiian Hip Hop artist Rocco. He has also been featured in fashion magazines like Voyage LA.

Band Runnaz Clothing stays popular and upfront by staying active, and eventful, creating popular looks, and sponsoring events. The line stands out because of its professional quality.

The newest line will be out in October and is called DDWD91. DDWD91 is a branch of Band Runnaz Clothing that showcase custom one of one pieces. You won't see someone else with the same outfit you have on. It's all about perspective and will be created along with other artists, designers, and brands. It's going to be very different and will bring something new to fashion. "I feel like I had to create this style for the brand because honestly, I don't want to see someone else wearing the same thing I have on," says D'Monte. "I am a brand that is comparing myself to Nike and Gucci. Nike is activewear and Gucci is luxury – and my line mixes the two."

To check out Band Runnaz Clothing and try it for yourself, log onto www.bandrun-

By Pam Froman

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